If… PENS GOT HOT - How TV Ruined Your Life, Episode 1, Preview - BBC Two

NB: The tiny bit at the very beginning, where Charlie Brooker explains the media behaviour that the sketch is lampooning, is vitally important for comprehension and context.

That should go without saying, but of 84 comments that have been left so far, a worryingly small number seem to have got it.

It shouldn’t feel elitist to enjoy such an obvious satire, should it? One expects YouTube comments to be a bit of a cess pit of ignorance, but it isn’t normally so excessively dim that it actually makes you feel guilty for being able to tie your own shoelaces…

2011, eh? The place where irony came to die.

[Edit to add: I was over-reacting. The first half dozen or so comments actually aren’t that credulous or idiotic. It was a knee-jerk reaction, for which I am truly sorry pleasedon’thateme!]

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